David England Photography | High School Reunion at Recreation Park Golf Course 18 Long Beach

High School Reunion at Recreation Park Golf Course 18 Long Beach

September 24, 2015

          What better way to bring back those nostalgic feelings of ones youth than a High School Reunion?  I was hired by the Dominguez High School Class of 1975 to capture portraits of their alumni.  Having recently attended my 20-year reunion, my greatest disappointment that night was our reunion didn’t have a photographer.  Because I missed my 10-year reunion, I was anxious and somewhat nervous to see everyone.  Would I recognize, them, would they recognize me?  Who did great things with their lives and careers, and who is no longer with us.  Those thoughts that crossed my mind were conversations I heard the entire evening.  What amazed me is how close the class of 1975 was.  Forty years later, their bond of friendship is still holding strong.  I hope when my 40 year reunion comes around, we have the same level of excitement and attendance as the Dominguez High School Reunion of 1975 had. 

         For those of you who have a High School or College Reunion that’s around the corner, please make the time to attend.  It’s a wonderful time to reconnect with friends of yesteryear.  It’s also a great time to build bridges that were lost.  It’s an extremely motivating experience.   If it’s in your budget, consider hiring a professional photographer to capture those moments that you can’t get back.  For this event, my clients wanted professional portraits for their guests.  By bringing studio lighting and a backdrop, these photo could double as a photo to go on the wall of someone’s home, as well as a holiday card.  I provided the class of 1975 a website for their attendees so they could look back at the photos taken that night of their peers, and for the alumni who couldn’t attend.  Special thanks to Recreation Park 18 Golf Course for the hosting such an elaborate gala!    

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