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When it comes to capturing the essence of a conference, photography plays a pivotal role in preserving the moments and memories that unfold. Whether it's a corporate event, industry conference, or academic gathering, professional conference photography ensures that every important detail is documented. In this blog post, we'll delve into the world of conference photography, exploring its significance, techniques, and the impact it has on preserving the essence of these events.

Importance of Conference Photography

Conference photography goes beyond simply taking pictures; it encapsulates the energy, connections, and knowledge exchange that transpire during these events. By documenting keynote speakers, panel discussions, and networking sessions, conference photography creates a visual narrative that reflects the essence and impact of the conference. These images serve as valuable assets for future marketing, social media promotion, and archival purposes, preserving the legacy of the event for years to come.

Professional Equipment and Techniques

A skilled conference photographer understands the nuances of capturing compelling images in dynamic and often challenging environments. From utilizing high-quality cameras and lenses to mastering the art of lighting and composition, professional photographers are equipped with the technical expertise to ensure that every moment is captured with precision and artistry. They adeptly navigate varying lighting conditions, crowded spaces, and diverse subjects to produce images that tell a cohesive and captivating story.

Candid Moments and Networking

While staged shots are essential, candid photography plays a pivotal role in capturing the authentic interactions and connections that unfold during a conference. From animated discussions between attendees to engaging networking moments, candid photography adds a layer of authenticity to the visual narrative. These images not only showcase the human element of the conference but also serve as a testament to the relationships and collaborations that are fostered during the event.

Showcasing the Atmosphere and Ambiance

Beyond capturing individual moments, conference photography also aims to encapsulate the overall atmosphere and ambiance of the event. This includes documenting the setup of the venue, branding elements, engaging presentations, and the overall energy that permeates the space. Through strategic framing and attention to detail, professional photographers adeptly convey the essence of the conference, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the experience through visual storytelling.

Post-Processing and Image Delivery

Once the conference has concluded, the work of the photographer continues through the process of post-processing and image delivery. This phase involves meticulous editing to ensure that the images are polished, vibrant, and aligned with the desired aesthetic. Whether it's color correction, cropping, or enhancing the visual impact, post-processing plays a crucial role in delivering a final collection of images that encapsulate the essence of the conference.

Preserving the Legacy

The images captured during a conference serve as a time capsule, preserving the legacy of the event for years to come. From creating archives for future reference to leveraging the images for promotional and marketing materials, conference photography plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the impact and significance of the event extend far beyond its duration. These images become a valuable resource for organizers, sponsors, and attendees, serving as a visual testament to the success and vibrancy of the conference.


Conference photography is an art form that goes beyond the simple act of taking pictures; it is about preserving the moments, emotions, and impact of a conference in a visually compelling manner. From documenting keynote speeches to candid networking moments, professional conference photography ensures that the essence of the event is captured and preserved for posterity. As we continue to embrace the power of visual storytelling, conference photography remains an indispensable element in immortalizing the spirit of these impactful gatherings.


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How to pick the right headshot session https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2022/2/how-to-pick-the-right-headshot-session FAQ for Headshot Sessions

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Which package is right for me?

Our headshot sessions are based on length. Depending on what you need, you want to make sure that you book enough time to get the images you need. Here are our package options

Standard Session: (most popular session) - The Standard session includes up to 30 minutes of photography and three retouched images that you will select at the end of the session.  It’s typical to get one or two looks with two background choices (white, gray, black, green screen).

Whether you are looking for images for LinkedIn, this is a great place to start. You will also have the option to purchase additional images from the session if you need them. If you want just one or two extra retouched images or the entire gallery, we have options to make sure that you get exactly what you need.

Plus Session: The plus session includes up to one hour of photography and 5 retouched images that you will select at the end of the session.  Perfect for a greater variety of images.  It’s typical to get between 3 to 5 looks, and up to three backdrop options in this timeframe (white, gray, black, green screen).


Where Does the Session Take Place?

Most of our sessions take place in our studio. It’s located in Downtown Long Beach, just a few minutes off of the 710 freeway. It’s metered parking in downtown Long Beach, so please consider bringing quarters or a card for the meter.  It’s also not a bad idea to check us out on our Google My Business listing and familiarize yourself with the view of the outside using Street View. You can check that out RIGHT HERE. If you need us to work on location for your session,  you can upgrade to an on-location shoot for a small fee and we can collaborate on the perfect place to get the images you are looking for.


What are my options for purchasing images? Do you offer retouching?

Depending on what session you choose, it will include a set number of high-resolution, retouched images. We also have different options for you to choose from if you need to purchase any additional images, it all depends on what you need.

1. Retouched Images

With every image we reduce blemishes, fix stray hairs, whiten teeth, and other standard edits to make you look your best while still looking natural. 

2. Medium Resolution Gallery

You can download all of the images in your gallery at a resolution that is ideal for online purposes. These images are not retouched, however they great for email signature

3. High Resolution Gallery

If you need all of the images in your photoshoot with the highest possible resolution, this option is the one for you. These images are not retouched.  Many clients who have an in-house marketing or editing team will high resolution images

We don’t require you to make your final decision before your session, however we do offer a significant discount on retouching orders before your sessionPre-order pricing is available to you up until the day of the session


What happens if I need to reschedule or cancel?

We understand that life can get in the way. Built into our online scheduling system is the ability to change your appointment if you need to. Just call, text, or email to let us know in advance of the session and we can provide you a link to move your appointment. If, for some reason, you were unable to make your scheduled appointment or give us advanced notice, we are happy to reschedule your appointment at no additional charge for the first reschedule, and $50 each time after that to cover our administrative costs.

Headshot Photographer Signal Hill-2 copyHeadshot Photographer Signal Hill-2 copy Web Headshot Photographer Long Beach-009Web Headshot Photographer Long Beach-009


















What should I wear for my headshots?

Here are a few things that you should consider:

  • Stay away from clothes with busy patterns. Solid colors are best. No logos.
  • Always bring clothes that match your style and personality.
  • If black is your jam, bring at least one other article of clothing that has some color that flatters you.
  • Bring an undershirt or camisole if you are shooting in multiple outfits. It saves time to be able to change tops quickly in the studio for more headshot looks. For men, wear an undershirt with a v-neck if possible as it is less likely to show up in the photos that way.
  • In a headshot session, your lower half will not be in the photograph.
  • Undergarments. Make sure to include the right undergarments for the tops you bring. You might be disappointed if you bring that super cute tank top or strapless dress but you forgot a strapless bra.  Or if you have a white shirt with a black bra.  It will show up in your photos.
  • Make sure any clothes that you bring are clean and neatly pressed. This goes double for collared shirts and suits. We do not remove wrinkles in Photoshop.  Please have your clothes ironed and clean of lint.
  • Keep jewelry to a minimum.  Less is more.

If you’re still lost, send us some photos of the outfits you are considering, and we would be happy to guide you through winning selections.


What else should I do to prepare for my headshot session?

Planning is everything!   Here is some food for thought that can help you look your best on your shoot.

  •  We recommend if you plan on having your hair cut or colored, make sure to do it at least 4 days before your session. 
  • Drink plenty of water in the days prior to your shoot. 
  • Stay away from alcohol and do your best to get a couple of solid nights of sleep leading up to the session. Alcohol and lack of sleep can make your face puffy, give you red eyes, and cause under eye darkness to be exaggerated.


How soon will I get my photos back?

Because we are picking your selections right after your shoot, we can get your retouched images usually within 72 hours.   If you prefer, we can create an online gallery available for you to view on request.



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Top 10 reasons on why you should hire a professional photographer for your headshot. https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2020/8/top-10-reasons-on-why-you-should-hire-a-professional-photographer-for-your-headshot  

Headshot Photographer Santa Fe Springs -1Headshot Photographer Santa Fe Springs -1 Headshot Photography Long Beach-5cropHeadshot Photography Long Beach-5crop Headshot Photographer Signal Hill-1Headshot Photographer Signal Hill-1 David England Photography - Headshot Photographer Long Beach-18David England Photography - Headshot Photographer Long Beach-18


In a time where everyone on the planet has access to a camera on their phone, many people have reservations hiring a professional photographer for a headshot.  Whether looking for a new job, a new love interest, celebrating a milestone, or just because, hiring a professional photographer is always smart decision.  Even though technology in our phones has advanced, the barriers of entry for camera equipment has become affordable, there are several reasons why you should hire a professional.  In the digital era, you are judged by your images. Even before you meet face to face with someone.   Here are the top 10 reasons why you should hire a professional photographer for your headshot needs.


  1. Angles - A true artist knows how to pose their subject in ways that flatter them.  
  2. Airbrushed images - Photographer’s know how to refine your images to enhance your look, without making your images look too altered.  
  3. Equipment - Photographers curate the right lenses, and the right lighting to make your images stand out from the rest.
  4. Experience -  Unless you’re a jack of all trades, not everyone is good at everything. Sometimes it’s best to let the professionals do their job. 
  5. Timeless - your best resource for making sure your images look current, your photographer can suggest clothing that won’t look dated in a year or two.
  6. Background- Whether using a traditional backdrop or outdoors for your portrait session, your photographer can see things that an untrained eye may hot see.  
  7. Usability - When you have a professional headshot, you can use it for multiple purposes.  Many of my clients use them not only for Linked in, they use their photos for dating sites, for company articles and highlights, and for social media purposes.
  8. Legacy - A great image stands the test of time.  Professional portraits are something that gets passed down from generation to generation.  
  9. Confidence booster - Knowing you are with a professional who’s capturing your essence and personality, you don’t have to second guess any of the images that are being taken. 
  10. Professional look - Present your best possible self. Your face is your passport, and the image you post is part of your visual resume. 

Headshot Photographer Los Angeles-7Headshot Photographer Los Angeles-7 Headshot Photographer Newport Beach-13Headshot Photographer Newport Beach-13

David England Photography - Head shot 1Photographer Orange-2David England Photography - Head shot 1Photographer Orange-2

(David England Photography) corporate photographer long beach corporate photographer los angeles headshot photographer lakewood headshot photographer long beach headshot photographer near me headshot photographer newport beach headshot photographer seal beach headshot photographer signal hill headshot photographer sunset beach long beach headshot photographer newport beach headshot photographer photographers near me portrait photographer long beach portrait photographer signal hill portrait photography lakewood seal beach headshot photographer https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2020/8/top-10-reasons-on-why-you-should-hire-a-professional-photographer-for-your-headshot Tue, 01 Sep 2020 02:46:55 GMT
Planning a destination wedding https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2020/8/planning-a-destination-wedding

Wayfarers Chapel Wedding - Michael's Tuscany Room San Pedro-51Wayfarers Chapel Wedding - Michael's Tuscany Room San Pedro-51


The sunshine state is a destination for many couples in the US and abroad. I've had the great honor of helping clients from all over the world plan their wedding in California. Planning a wedding in a city you are not familiar with, or have never visited can provide additional stress to couples.  Are the people I hire real? Are they insured? Will they return my emails once I pay them?  Will they show up on the day of my wedding?  These are the biggest concerns when talking to clients from abroad.

With the advent of the internet and social media, things are a bit easier.  Yelp, Google, and other social media platforms are great resources for weddings.  Finding a wedding vendor who has a proven track record that's also been in the industry for a while can help couples navigate and narrow down the best of the best when it comes to vendors. For clients who are looking for a destination wedding in Los Angeles and Orange County, I'm happy to assist you with your wedding photography needs.

For US clients who are looking to get married in the United Kingdom, I'm happy to announce a new partnership with London's premier Wedding planner, Valentine Weddings.  Since 2009, Valentine Weddings specializes in style-conscious couples throughout Europe.  They have the inside scoop on all of the hottest venues, the latest UK trends, and they are on the pulse of all things wedding.  Winning a multitude of awards, it is my true pleasure to collaborate with Valentine Weddings assisting US clients to my favorite destination wedding planner. Look no further when looking for an affordable luxury wedding planner.

For more information on Valentine Weddings, please visit https://valentineweddings.co.uk/

And for special offers, and Covid 19 planning discounts click here.  https://valentineweddings.co.uk/covidpackages




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Wilson Creek Winery https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2016/2/wilson-creek-winery Over the holidays, I had the pleasure of photographing a corporate function at Wilson Creek Winery in Temecula.  If you're into exceptional wine and beautiful venue spaces, this place is a must!  Below are some photos in the wine room. I can't wait to photograph a wedding here! 


For more information on Wilson Creek Winery, please visit the link below



Wilson Creek Winery -1Wilson Creek Winery -1 Wilson Creek Winery -2Wilson Creek Winery -2 Wilson Creek Winery -3Wilson Creek Winery -3 Wilson Creek Winery -4Wilson Creek Winery -4 Wilson Creek Winery -5Wilson Creek Winery -5 Wilson Creek Winery -6Wilson Creek Winery -6 Wilson Creek Winery -7Wilson Creek Winery -7 Wilson Creek Winery -8Wilson Creek Winery -8 Wilson Creek Winery -9Wilson Creek Winery -9


(David England Photography) 35960 Rancho California Rd. Temecula CA 92591 Creek event Long Beach Wedding Photographer Photographer" Temecula Temecula Photographer Temecula wedding Photographer Temecula" Wedding" Wilson Wilson Creek Winery Wilson Creek Winery Christmas Party Wilson Creek Winery Holiday Party Winery www.davidenglandphotographer https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2016/2/wilson-creek-winery Sat, 20 Feb 2016 19:06:39 GMT
First look photos, a growing trend. https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2016/2/first-look-photos-a-growing-trend Clients ask me all the time whether or not they should do a first look before the ceremony, or if they should stick with tradition.   My answer comes in two parts.   If a bride and groom believe in tradition or superstition, I suggest they should stick with what they are comfortable with.  If they are open to the possibility of getting some really amazing photos before the ceremony so they could spend more time with friends and family members, I suggest doing a first look and getting the important photos out of the way.  When done correctly, a first look can be a magical moment for a couple to see each other for the first time without the distraction of the bridal party, guests, and family members.  It’s a safe place where real feelings and emotions are triumphant over the obstacles that can dilute the experience of being in love and in the moment.  Although on the fence, Jennifer and Ben decided last minute to have their first look photos, and formal photos taken before their wedding, so they could enjoy their cocktail hour and reception.  The images we captured that day were nothing less than stunning.  I get goose bumps every time I look at their photos.  Their emotions and love for one another were so raw, and honest.


For more information on the pros and cons of first look photos, please click the link below


For more information on El Dorado Golf Course Weddin


El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-1El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-1 El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-2El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-2 El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-3El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-3 El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-4El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-4 El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-5El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-5 El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-6El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-6 El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-7El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-7 El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-8El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-8 El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-9El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-9 El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-10El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-10 El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-11El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-11 El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-12El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-12 El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-13El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-13 El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-14El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-14 El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-15El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-15 El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-18El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-18 El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-16El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-16 El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-17El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-17 El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-19El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-19 El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-23El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-23 El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-21El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-21 El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-24El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-24 El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-25El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-25 El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-26El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-26 El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-27El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-27 El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-22El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-22 El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-28El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-28 El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-29El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-29 El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-30El Dorado Golf Course Wedding-30

(David England Photography) Affordable photographer Long Beach Affordable photographer Los Angeles American Golf Association American Golf Association wedding Photographer Long Beach American Golf Association wedding Photographer Southern California David England Photographer El Dorado Golf Course Wedding El Dorado Park first look first look photos Golf Course Wedding Golf Course Wedding Photographer Long Beach Photographer Long Beach Wedding Photographer Orange County Photographer So Cal Wedding Photographer www.davidenglandphotographer https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2016/2/first-look-photos-a-growing-trend Sat, 20 Feb 2016 18:43:55 GMT
Family portraits for holiday cards https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2015/11/holiday-cards-and-family-portraits I woke up this morning and realized the holidays were upon me.  It’s the time of year where I reflect on things that happened in my life, and those close to me.  It’s also the time of year where the brisk air, the scent of fresh pumpkin pie, Christmas music, and holiday cards warms my soul.  I don’t know about you, but I love receiving holiday photo cards from friends and family.  I love them so much, that I have bundles of photo cards from years past. This will be baby Oliver’s first Christmas, and parents Amber and Heather wanted to send professional photographs this year.  We had such a fun time at El Dorado Park trying to get little Oliver and two dogs to look at the camera.  Let’s just say there were lots of images that didn’t make the cut!  Below are a few photos from the portrait session.


For more information on El Dorado Park, please visit



For information on one of my favorite holiday card photo centers, please visit




Family Portrait Photographer Long Beach-6Family Portrait Photographer Long Beach-6 Family Portrait Photographer Long Beach-3Family Portrait Photographer Long Beach-3 Family Portrait Photographer Long Beach-4Family Portrait Photographer Long Beach-4 Family Portrait Photographer Long Beach-13Family Portrait Photographer Long Beach-13 Family Portrait Photographer Long Beach-14Family Portrait Photographer Long Beach-14 Family Portrait Photographer Long Beach-15Family Portrait Photographer Long Beach-15 Family Portrait Photographer Long Beach-20Family Portrait Photographer Long Beach-20 Family Portrait Photographer Long Beach-18Family Portrait Photographer Long Beach-18 Family Portrait Photographer Long Beach-19Family Portrait Photographer Long Beach-19 Family Portrait Photographer Long Beach-22Family Portrait Photographer Long Beach-22 Family Portrait Photographer Long Beach-10Family Portrait Photographer Long Beach-10 Family Portrait Photographer Long Beach-11Family Portrait Photographer Long Beach-11 Family Portrait Photographer Long Beach-9Family Portrait Photographer Long Beach-9 Family Portrait Photographer Long Beach-12Family Portrait Photographer Long Beach-12 Family Portrait Photographer Long Beach-8Family Portrait Photographer Long Beach-8 Family Portrait Photographer Long Beach-7Family Portrait Photographer Long Beach-7

(David England Photography) gay and lesbian photographer los angeles christmas card photographer long beach christmas card photographer los angeles christmas card photographer orange county el dorado east regional park el dorado family portrait photographer El Dorado Nature Center El Dorado Park el dorado park engagement session el dorado portrait photographer gay and lesbian photographer gay and lesbian photographer long beach gay and lesbian wedding photographer long beach gay and lesbian wedding photographer los angeles gay and lesbian wedding photographer orange county holiday card photographer long beach Holiday card photographer los angeles holiday card photographer orange county https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2015/11/holiday-cards-and-family-portraits Thu, 19 Nov 2015 07:00:30 GMT
Showing their KONG spirit! https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2015/11/showing-their-kong-spirit KONG, the maker of interactive pet toys, recently asked me to photograph their employees at their Long Beach facility.  Having been an owner of several KONG products, I was surprised to find out they had a location in my city.  It only took a few minutes for me to understand the corporate culture at KONG.  Employees were friendly, enthusiastic, and extremely knowledgeable of their product line.  As I got to know each person, I was told personal stories of their experience at KONG, of how the company began, and how fast it’s growing.  Below are a few photos from the photo shoot. 


For more information about Kong Animal Toys, please visit



Headshot Photographer Long Beach-221Headshot Photographer Long Beach-221 Headshot Photographer Long Beach-219Headshot Photographer Long Beach-219 Headshot Photographer Long Beach-216Headshot Photographer Long Beach-216 Headshot Photographer Long Beach-58Headshot Photographer Long Beach-58 Headshot Photographer Long Beach-46Headshot Photographer Long Beach-46 Headshot Photographer Long Beach-54Headshot Photographer Long Beach-54 Headshot Photographer Long Beach-204Headshot Photographer Long Beach-204 Headshot Photographer Long Beach-190Headshot Photographer Long Beach-190 Headshot Photographer Long Beach-159Headshot Photographer Long Beach-159

(David England Photography) affordable headshot photographer long beach affordable headshot photographer Los Angeles affordable headshot photographer Orange county angeles" animal animal photographer long beach corporate photographer long beach corporate photographer los angeles head shot photographer Long Beach head shot photographer los angeles headshot photographer long beach headshot photographer orange county headshots headshots long beach long beach headshot photographer los pet photographer long beach Pet Photography Long Beach photographer portrait photographer Long Beach portrait photographer Los Angeles www.davidenglandphotography.com www.kongcompany.com https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2015/11/showing-their-kong-spirit Sat, 14 Nov 2015 07:26:56 GMT
50th Anniversary Celebration at the Yorba Linda Country Club https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2015/11/50th-anniversary-celebration-at-the-yorba-linda-country-club Alix and Mario’s surprise 50th Anniversary was held at the Yorba Linda Country Club in Orange County California.  Their five children, who live both near and abroad, orchestrated an amazing gala with friends and family.  The theme was “Brewing Love For 50 Years,” which celebrated their Columbian Heritage.  Coffee beans adorned the elaborate floral decorations, tablescapes, and candles.  Here’s to 50 more years of wedding bliss!


For more information about the venue, please visit



Yorba Linda Country Club-1Yorba Linda Country Club-1 Yorba Linda Country Club-72Yorba Linda Country Club-72 Yorba Linda Country Club-202Yorba Linda Country Club-202 Yorba Linda Country Club-68Yorba Linda Country Club-68 Yorba Linda Country Club-203Yorba Linda Country Club-203 Yorba Linda Country Club-53Yorba Linda Country Club-53 Yorba Linda Country Club-36Yorba Linda Country Club-36 Yorba Linda Country Club-20Yorba Linda Country Club-20 Yorba Linda Country Club-33Yorba Linda Country Club-33 Yorba Linda Country Club-2Yorba Linda Country Club-2

(David England Photography) 19400 Mountain View Ave Yorba Linda CA 92886 American Golf Association Orange County Anniversary Celebration Orange County Event Photographer Orange County photographer www.davidenglandphotography Yorba Linda Country Club Yorba Linda Event Photographer Yorba Linda Event Photography Yorba Linda Golf Course yorbalindaclub.com https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2015/11/50th-anniversary-celebration-at-the-yorba-linda-country-club Sat, 14 Nov 2015 06:34:17 GMT
Have you been to El Dorado Park in Long Beach lately? https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2015/11/have-you-been-to-el-dorado-park-in-long-beach-lately  

Two common questions I get from clients is,  “how soon should we send save the date announcements, and where should we take our engagement session photos?”  I recommend sending save the date notices at least six months before the wedding.  It gives guests enough time to plan for the wedding, and the couple enough time to coordinate guest counts and seating charts.  The other question isn’t as easy.  I ask couple questions to get a better idea of who they are as a couple, and what hobbies and interests they’re into.  A lot of the time, clients choose a location based on things they enjoy doing together.  However many clients leave the decision up to me. 

As a child of nature, I really enjoy being outside, hiking and going to the park.  One of my favorite places to be is El Dorado East Regional Park in Long Beach.  The park is so big I never have to worry about people showing up in the background of the images during the engagement session.  There are several locations to take beautiful photographs within the park.  Each time I go, I find a hidden gym which I then forget the next time I visit.  Below are some photos from my recent engagement session with Jeff and Stacy.  They are getting married next year at El Dorado Golf Course, which two miles from where we took these photos.


For information on the location of the Engagement Session in Long Beach, please visit



For information on the wedding venue at El Dorado Golf Course, please visit



For information about Save The Date Etiquette, please visit



Engagement Photographer Long Beach-27Engagement Photographer Long Beach-27 Engagement Photographer Long Beach-24Engagement Photographer Long Beach-24 Engagement Photographer Long Beach-21Engagement Photographer Long Beach-21 Engagement Photographer Long Beach-19Engagement Photographer Long Beach-19 Engagement Photographer Long Beach-22Engagement Photographer Long Beach-22 Engagement Photographer Long Beach-20Engagement Photographer Long Beach-20 Engagement Photographer Long Beach-14Engagement Photographer Long Beach-14 Engagement Photographer Long Beach-15Engagement Photographer Long Beach-15 Engagement Photographer Long Beach-8Engagement Photographer Long Beach-8 Engagement Photographer Long Beach-12Engagement Photographer Long Beach-12 Engagement Photographer Long Beach-16Engagement Photographer Long Beach-16 Engagement Photographer Long Beach-7Engagement Photographer Long Beach-7 Engagement Photographer Long Beach-4Engagement Photographer Long Beach-4 Engagement Photographer Long Beach-2Engagement Photographer Long Beach-2

Engagement Photographer Long Beach-26Engagement Photographer Long Beach-26

Engagement Photographer Long Beach-28Engagement Photographer Long Beach-28 Engagement Photographer Long Beach-29Engagement Photographer Long Beach-29 Engagement Photographer Long Beach-13Engagement Photographer Long Beach-13

(David England Photography) Affordable engagement photographer long beach affordable engagement photography long beach affordable engagement session long beach David England Photography el dorado east regional park el dorado family portrait photographer El Dorado Nature Center El Dorado Park el dorado park engagement session el dorado portrait photographer Gay Photographer Long Beach Gay Photographer Los Angeles Gay Photographer Orange County LGBT Wedding Photographer Long Beach LGBT Wedding Photographer Los Angeles LGBT Wedding Photographer Orange County Long Beach Photographer Long Beach Wedding Photographer Long Beach Wedding Photos Los Angeles wedding photographer Orange County Wedding Photographer Wedding Photographer Long Beach Wedding Photographer Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Orange County Wedding Photography Long Beach www.davidenglandphotography.com https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2015/11/have-you-been-to-el-dorado-park-in-long-beach-lately Sun, 08 Nov 2015 06:46:28 GMT
A wedding under the big tent in Ontario https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2015/10/a-wedding-under-a-tent Both Nicole and Jerry wanted an outdoor wedding at end of summer, however they didn't want their guests to melt.  After searching the Inland empire, they found a the perfect spot.  The Double tree Hotel in Ontario has a huge outdoor tent that can easily shade 250 people on a warm summers day.  It's located next to the Ontario Convention Center, minutes from the 10 freeway.  After the wedding guests dined in the luxurious Lake Silverwood Banquet Hall.   Below are a few photos from their wedding.


For more information on the Ontario Double Tree Hotel, please visit the link below




Double Tree Ontario-1Double Tree Ontario-1 Double Tree Ontario-2Double Tree Ontario-2 Double Tree Ontario-3Double Tree Ontario-3 Double Tree Ontario-5Double Tree Ontario-5 Double Tree Ontario-14Double Tree Ontario-14 Double Tree Ontario-13Double Tree Ontario-13 Double Tree Ontario-15Double Tree Ontario-15 Double Tree Ontario-19Double Tree Ontario-19 Double Tree Ontario-21Double Tree Ontario-21 Double Tree Ontario-23Double Tree Ontario-23 Double Tree Ontario-8Double Tree Ontario-8 Double Tree Ontario-10Double Tree Ontario-10 Double Tree Ontario-26Double Tree Ontario-26 Double Tree Ontario-27Double Tree Ontario-27 Double Tree Ontario-30Double Tree Ontario-30 Double Tree Ontario-33Double Tree Ontario-33 Double Tree Ontario-34Double Tree Ontario-34 Double Tree Ontario-44Double Tree Ontario-44 Double Tree Ontario-47Double Tree Ontario-47

(David England Photography) 222 N Vineyard Ave Ontario CA 91764 Beach Double Tree Hotel Photographer Double Tree Wedding Photographer Ontario Inland Empire affordable wedding photographer Inland Empire Wedding Photographer Lake Silverwood wedding photos Long Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Ontario Double Tree Ontario Double Tree Lake Silverwood Ontario Double Tree Wedding Ontario Double Tree Wedding Photographer Ontario Wedding Photographer Ontario Wedding Photography Photographer" Wedding www.davidenglandphotography.com https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2015/10/a-wedding-under-a-tent Mon, 26 Oct 2015 23:55:32 GMT
A wedding fit for a princess https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2015/10/a-wedding-fit-for-a-princess I met Adrianna and Johnny at an open house with West Coast Catering earlier this year.  Both Adrianna and Johnny love all things Disney, and when they told me they were having a Disney themed wedding at the Los Angeles Harbor Lodge, I couldn’t wait to see their vision.  From the cake topper to the table decorations and everything in between, the mouse was present!  Songs from Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, and The Lion King played during the dinner hour.   While enjoying a feast fit for a king, guests were instantly whisked away to the happiest place on earth.   After the ceremony, the bride, groom, and their immediate family went to White Point Royal Palms Beach for formal photos.  Below are a few images from Adrianna and Johnny’s special day.


For more information about the venue, the beach, or the catering company, please visit the links below.

La Harbor Mason Lodge  http://www.calodges.org/no332/

West Coast Catering http://westcoastcatering.net/

White Point Royal Palms Beach  http://www.californiasbestbeaches.com/royal_palms/royal_palms_beach.html



La Harbor Mason Lodge-8La Harbor Mason Lodge-8 La Harbor Mason Lodge-5La Harbor Mason Lodge-5 La Harbor Mason Lodge-6La Harbor Mason Lodge-6 La Harbor Mason Lodge-7La Harbor Mason Lodge-7 La Harbor Mason Lodge-9La Harbor Mason Lodge-9 La Harbor Mason Lodge-11La Harbor Mason Lodge-11 La Harbor Mason Lodge-12La Harbor Mason Lodge-12 La Harbor Mason Lodge-14La Harbor Mason Lodge-14 La Harbor Mason Lodge-13La Harbor Mason Lodge-13 La Harbor Mason Lodge-16La Harbor Mason Lodge-16 La Harbor Mason Lodge-18La Harbor Mason Lodge-18 La Harbor Mason Lodge-17La Harbor Mason Lodge-17 La Harbor Mason Lodge-1La Harbor Mason Lodge-1






(David England Photography) 1640 W 9th St San Pedro CA 90732 Affordable photographer Angeles Beach" Disney Themed wedding Disney wedding photographer Engagement Engagement session Royal Palms Beach La Harbor Lodge La Harbor Lodge wedding La Harbor Mason Lodge La Harbor Mason Lodge Wedding Long Beach Photographer Los Palms Photographer Photographer" Point Royal San Pedro Wedding Photographer Wedding Wedding Photographer Royal Palms Beach Wedding Photographer White Point Royal Palms Beach West Coast Catering West Coast Catering Photographer White www.calodges.org/no332 www.davidenglandphotography.com www.westcostcatering.net https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2015/10/a-wedding-fit-for-a-princess Sun, 25 Oct 2015 17:35:05 GMT
365 days later, and still in love! A one-year anniversary photo shoot. https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2015/10/365-days-later-and-still-in-love-a-one-year-anniversary-photo-shoot I had the pleasure of meeting Angela and Silvia about eight months ago at a Lakewood Country Club Bridal Show.  They were also working that day at Different Events Planning and Decorating booth.  I was immediately drawn to these ladies because of their bubbly personality, their passion for their craft, and their extensive themed weddings and events portfolio.  Different Events truly breaks the mold when it comes to décor and design.  Over the course of getting to know Angela and Silvia, we discussed their wedding.  What went right, and what went wrong.  Their biggest regret was that their photographer didn’t take enough photos of them on their special day.   As a photographer, this is one thing you never want to hear from a client.  Which is why I decided several years back to have two photographers at each wedding I photograph.  It is inevitable that things will run late on the day of, and when it does, the time allotted to the photographer gets cut short.  If portraits are important for you, please don’t skimp on the photography budget.  Allow enough time for a photographer to take those memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime, and have adequate coverage.  I recommend a second photographer when your guest-count is over 75 people.

Since vision is 20/20 in hindsight, we couldn’t change the fact that Silvia and Angela didn’t have the photos they wanted on their wedding day.  So they decided to hire me for a one-year anniversary photo session.  Silvia and Angela wanted a light and whimsical photo shoot that encompassed nature, and their tepee.  They chose Eldorado Park because it had everything they wanted.  Anniversary photography is becoming more and more popular because it’s a great way to capture photos in a non-rushed atmosphere, where a couple isn’t distracted by guests, family members, or the bridal party.  Below are photos from Angela and Silvia’s one-year anniversary session.


For more information about this photo shoot, please visit

Different Events Decorating and Event Planning services at https://www.facebook.com/differenteventspartyplanning


El Dorado Park  https://www.facebook.com/differenteventspartyplanning


El Dorado Park Long Beach-2El Dorado Park Long Beach-2 El Dorado Park Long Beach-50El Dorado Park Long Beach-50 El Dorado Park Long Beach-51El Dorado Park Long Beach-51 El Dorado Park Long Beach-4El Dorado Park Long Beach-4 El Dorado Park Long Beach-5El Dorado Park Long Beach-5 El Dorado Park Long Beach-3El Dorado Park Long Beach-3 El Dorado Park Long Beach-1El Dorado Park Long Beach-1 El Dorado Park Long Beach-6El Dorado Park Long Beach-6 El Dorado Park Long Beach-7El Dorado Park Long Beach-7 El Dorado Park Long Beach-8El Dorado Park Long Beach-8 El Dorado Park Long Beach-9El Dorado Park Long Beach-9 El Dorado Park Long Beach-10El Dorado Park Long Beach-10 El Dorado Park Long Beach-11El Dorado Park Long Beach-11 El Dorado Park Long Beach-12El Dorado Park Long Beach-12 El Dorado Park Long Beach-13El Dorado Park Long Beach-13 El Dorado Park Long Beach-14El Dorado Park Long Beach-14 El Dorado Park Long Beach-15El Dorado Park Long Beach-15 El Dorado Park Long Beach-16El Dorado Park Long Beach-16 El Dorado Park Long Beach-17El Dorado Park Long Beach-17 El Dorado Park Long Beach-19El Dorado Park Long Beach-19 El Dorado Park Long Beach-20El Dorado Park Long Beach-20 El Dorado Park Long Beach-18El Dorado Park Long Beach-18 El Dorado Park Long Beach-22El Dorado Park Long Beach-22 El Dorado Park Long Beach-21El Dorado Park Long Beach-21 El Dorado Park Long Beach-23El Dorado Park Long Beach-23 El Dorado Park Long Beach-24El Dorado Park Long Beach-24 El Dorado Park Long Beach-25El Dorado Park Long Beach-25 El Dorado Park Long Beach-28El Dorado Park Long Beach-28 El Dorado Park Long Beach-27El Dorado Park Long Beach-27 El Dorado Park Long Beach-26El Dorado Park Long Beach-26



(David England Photography) 7550 E Spring St Long Beach Ca 90808 Angeles David England Photography Different Events Alternative Party Planning Company El Dorado East Regional Park El Dorado East Regional Park photographer El Dorado Nature Reserve El Dorado Nature Reserve Engagement Photographer El Dorado Nature Reserve Engagement Session El Dorado Park El Dorado Park Engagement Session El Dorado Park Engagement Session Photographer Engagement Engagement photographer Long Beach Engagement photography Long Beach Engagement Session Photography Long Beach engagement photographer Los One Year Anniversary Photography Photographer" www.davidenglandphotography https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2015/10/365-days-later-and-still-in-love-a-one-year-anniversary-photo-shoot Mon, 19 Oct 2015 15:59:15 GMT
A Wedding at Fisherman’s Village in Marina Del Rey California https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2015/10/a-wedding-at-fisherman-s-village-in-marina-del-rey-california John and Sonya celebrated their wedding aboard the Entertainer Yacht in Marina Del Rey with friends and family members.  They toured the harbor in grand style while enjoying Sunday Brunch aboard the Hornblower yacht.  For those of you who haven’t been to Fisherman’s Village, it’s a wonderful place to stroll down the boardwalk while enjoying colorful buildings and captivating ocean views.  At the end of the boardwalk is a restaurant called Whisky Reds.  It has the most amazing waterfall entrance and brunch selection. 


Hornblower Entertainer Yacht Wedding Marina Del Rey-11Hornblower Entertainer Yacht Wedding Marina Del Rey-11 Hornblower Entertainer Yacht Wedding Marina Del Rey-12Hornblower Entertainer Yacht Wedding Marina Del Rey-12 Hornblower Entertainer Yacht Wedding Marina Del Rey-20Hornblower Entertainer Yacht Wedding Marina Del Rey-20 Hornblower Entertainer Yacht Wedding Marina Del Rey-18Hornblower Entertainer Yacht Wedding Marina Del Rey-18 Hornblower Entertainer Yacht Wedding Marina Del Rey-13Hornblower Entertainer Yacht Wedding Marina Del Rey-13 Hornblower Entertainer Yacht Wedding Marina Del Rey-22Hornblower Entertainer Yacht Wedding Marina Del Rey-22 Hornblower Entertainer Yacht Wedding Marina Del Rey-23Hornblower Entertainer Yacht Wedding Marina Del Rey-23 Hornblower Entertainer Yacht Wedding Marina Del Rey-27Hornblower Entertainer Yacht Wedding Marina Del Rey-27 Hornblower Entertainer Yacht Wedding Marina Del Rey-30Hornblower Entertainer Yacht Wedding Marina Del Rey-30 Hornblower Entertainer Yacht Wedding Marina Del Rey-29Hornblower Entertainer Yacht Wedding Marina Del Rey-29 Hornblower Entertainer Yacht Wedding Marina Del Rey-24Hornblower Entertainer Yacht Wedding Marina Del Rey-24 Hornblower Entertainer Yacht Wedding Marina Del Rey-31Hornblower Entertainer Yacht Wedding Marina Del Rey-31 Hornblower Entertainer Yacht Wedding Marina Del Rey-59Hornblower Entertainer Yacht Wedding Marina Del Rey-59 Hornblower Entertainer Yacht Wedding Marina Del Rey-65Hornblower Entertainer Yacht Wedding Marina Del Rey-65 Hornblower Entertainer Yacht Wedding Marina Del Rey-66Hornblower Entertainer Yacht Wedding Marina Del Rey-66 Hornblower Entertainer Yacht Wedding Marina Del Rey-68Hornblower Entertainer Yacht Wedding Marina Del Rey-68 Hornblower Entertainer Yacht Wedding Marina Del Rey-70Hornblower Entertainer Yacht Wedding Marina Del Rey-70  

(David England Photography) Affordable wedding photographer Los Angeles affordable wedding photographer Marina Del Rey Boat Wedding Los Angeles Boat Wedding Marina Del Rey Boat Wedding MDR Del Entertainer Hornblower Entertainer Yacht Marina Del Rey Fishermans Village Marina Del Rey Fishermans Village Wedding Marina Del Rey Hornblower Hornblower wedding Marina Del Rey Hornblower Wedding MDR Marina Rey" Whisky Reds Wedding www.davidenglandphotography.com Yacht photographer Marina Del Rey Yacht Wedding Los Angeles https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2015/10/a-wedding-at-fisherman-s-village-in-marina-del-rey-california Mon, 12 Oct 2015 15:48:07 GMT
La Mirada Golf Course Wedding https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2015/9/la-mirada-golf-course-wedding A good friend and DJ asked me to photograph a wedding for him.  DJ Wille, who is well known in the wedding industry, trusted my photography style to capture the opulent wedding of Berenice and Frank.  Held at the La Mirada Golf Course, the couple spared no expense on making their wedding an evening to remember.  Mariachi’s serenaded guests with traditional ballads and a cappella solos.    The room was adorned with bright pink up lights, elaborate floral centerpieces, and a giant two-dove ice sculpture.  To set the mood, guests were given pink sunshades to wear during the grand entrance of the bridal party.  What made the night so magical was Berenice and Frank were literally dancing on clouds during their first dance!  I’ve never seen anything like it.  DJ Willie pulled of another amazing event by transforming what was already an amazing space at the La Mirada Golf Course, to something much more.  


La Mirada Golf Club 019La Mirada Golf Club 019 La Mirada Golf Club 020La Mirada Golf Club 020 La Mirada Golf Club 021La Mirada Golf Club 021 La Mirada Golf Club 018La Mirada Golf Club 018 La Mirada Golf Club 011La Mirada Golf Club 011 La Mirada Golf Club 012La Mirada Golf Club 012 La Mirada Golf Club 013La Mirada Golf Club 013 La Mirada Golf Club 014La Mirada Golf Club 014 La Mirada Golf Club 015La Mirada Golf Club 015 La Mirada Golf Club 016La Mirada Golf Club 016 La Mirada Golf Club 017La Mirada Golf Club 017 La Mirada Golf Club 005La Mirada Golf Club 005 La Mirada Golf Club 006La Mirada Golf Club 006 La Mirada Golf Club 007La Mirada Golf Club 007 La Mirada Golf Club 002La Mirada Golf Club 002 La Mirada Golf Club 003La Mirada Golf Club 003 La Mirada Golf Club 004La Mirada Golf Club 004 La Mirada Golf Club 001La Mirada Golf Club 001

(David England Photography) 15501 E. Alicante Road La Mirada CA 90638 Affordable Photographer Orange County American Golf Country Club Weddings American Golf Orange County David England Photography Golf Course Wedding Orange County Golf Course Wedding Photographer OC Golf Course Wedding Photographer Orange County La Mirada GF La Mirada Golf Club La Mirada Golf Course La Mirada wedding photographer Orange County Wedding Photographer Wedding Photographer Orange County www.davidenglandphotography.com https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2015/9/la-mirada-golf-course-wedding Wed, 30 Sep 2015 15:40:15 GMT
Korean Bell of Friendship and Bell Pavilion in San Pedro California https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2015/9/korean-bell-of-friendship-and-bell-pavilion-in-san-pedro-california If you live in Southern California, The Friendship this is one place you don’t want to miss.  Located on a hilltop overlooking the ocean, it’s a great place for a picnic or for a photo shoot.  I was fortunate to capture photos of a bridal party who fell in love with the bell, and it’s history.  The Korean Friendship Bell in San Pedro California was donated in 1976 to the people of Los Angeles by Republic of Korea to celebrate the bicentennial of the United States, to honor the veterans of the Korean War, and to bridge a friendship between the two countries.  Inspiration of the designing of the bell came from the Bronze Bell of King Sondok from 771 A.D., a National Treasure, which resides in South Korea.  The Bell is located minutes from West Coast Catering at the Los Angeles Harbor Logde, which is where David and Aymet had their reception.    

Korean Friendship Bell San Pedro 3Korean Friendship Bell San Pedro 3 Korean Friendship Bell San Pedro 2Korean Friendship Bell San Pedro 2 Korean Bell of Friendship San PedroKorean Bell of Friendship San Pedro Korean Friendship Bell San PedroKorean Friendship Bell San Pedro Korean Bell of Friendship San Pedro  3Korean Bell of Friendship San Pedro 3

(David England Photography) Los Angeles Harbor Lodge Wedding Photographer San Pedro Harbor Lodge Wedding Photographer Harbor Lodge Wedding Photographer Long Beach Wedding Photographer Los Angeles Wedding photographer San pedro Wedding Photographer West Coast Catering Wedding photos Korean bell of Friendship Wedding photos Korean Friendship Bell Wedding Photos San Pedro West Coast Catering West Coast Catering photographer West Coast Catering wedding Photographer www.davidenglandphotography.com https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2015/9/korean-bell-of-friendship-and-bell-pavilion-in-san-pedro-california Fri, 25 Sep 2015 16:22:38 GMT
High School Reunion at Recreation Park Golf Course 18 Long Beach https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2015/9/high-school-reunion-at-recreation-park-golf-course-18-long-beach           What better way to bring back those nostalgic feelings of ones youth than a High School Reunion?  I was hired by the Dominguez High School Class of 1975 to capture portraits of their alumni.  Having recently attended my 20-year reunion, my greatest disappointment that night was our reunion didn’t have a photographer.  Because I missed my 10-year reunion, I was anxious and somewhat nervous to see everyone.  Would I recognize, them, would they recognize me?  Who did great things with their lives and careers, and who is no longer with us.  Those thoughts that crossed my mind were conversations I heard the entire evening.  What amazed me is how close the class of 1975 was.  Forty years later, their bond of friendship is still holding strong.  I hope when my 40 year reunion comes around, we have the same level of excitement and attendance as the Dominguez High School Reunion of 1975 had. 

         For those of you who have a High School or College Reunion that’s around the corner, please make the time to attend.  It’s a wonderful time to reconnect with friends of yesteryear.  It’s also a great time to build bridges that were lost.  It’s an extremely motivating experience.   If it’s in your budget, consider hiring a professional photographer to capture those moments that you can’t get back.  For this event, my clients wanted professional portraits for their guests.  By bringing studio lighting and a backdrop, these photo could double as a photo to go on the wall of someone’s home, as well as a holiday card.  I provided the class of 1975 a website for their attendees so they could look back at the photos taken that night of their peers, and for the alumni who couldn’t attend.  Special thanks to Recreation Park 18 Golf Course for the hosting such an elaborate gala!    

Lakewood Country Club-23Lakewood Country Club-23 Lakewood Country Club-84Lakewood Country Club-84 Lakewood Country Club-94Lakewood Country Club-94 Lakewood Country Club-110Lakewood Country Club-110 Lakewood Country Club-127Lakewood Country Club-127 Lakewood Country Club-142Lakewood Country Club-142 Lakewood Country Club-186Lakewood Country Club-186


(David England Photography) 5001 Deukmejian Drive | Long Beach CA 90804 American Golf Dominguez Hills High School Reunion Photographer High School Reunion Photographer Los Angeles High School Reunion Photographer Portrait Photographer Long Beach Ca Rec Park 18 Golf Course Long Beach rec park long beach event photographer Recreation Park 18 Golf Course Long Beach www.davidenglandphotography.com www.recpark.com https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2015/9/high-school-reunion-at-recreation-park-golf-course-18-long-beach Thu, 24 Sep 2015 18:03:27 GMT
Long Beach Recreation Park 18 Golf Course https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2015/7/long-beach-recreation-park-18-golf-course Earlier this year I participated in a bridal show at Recreation Park 18 Golf Course in Long Beach, Ca.   I had golfed at this venue several times over the years, but it didn’t dawn on me to photograph weddings there until I was invited to take part in their annual Bridal Show.  I received a lot of leads that day, and Tollece and Victor became my first client at Rec Park 18!  What separates Rec Park from the other American Golf Courses in the area is they have a separate ceremony area that is hidden behind tall hedges.  It’s right next to the banquet hall and fabulous outdoor patio.  The bridal sweet was recently remodeled which provides lots of room for the bride and her party to get ready.  If you’re a bride to be, and you’re looking for an outdoor space, you should definitely consider this location! 

The address to Rec Park 18 is 5001 Deukmejian Dr. Long Beach, Ca. 90804. 

Their website address is http://www.recpark18.com.

Golf course Wedding Photographer So CalGolf course Wedding Photographer So Cal Recreation Golf Course 18 Long Beach  2Recreation Golf Course 18 Long Beach 2 Recreation Golf Course 18 Long BeachRecreation Golf Course 18 Long Beach Recreation Park 18 Golf Course Long Beach-583Recreation Park 18 Golf Course Long Beach-583 Recreation Park 18 Golf Course Long Beach-643Recreation Park 18 Golf Course Long Beach-643 Recreation Golf Course 18 Long Beach 3Recreation Golf Course 18 Long Beach 3 Rec Park 18 Long Beach 2Rec Park 18 Long Beach 2 Rec Park 18 Long Beach1Rec Park 18 Long Beach1 Recreation Golf Course 18 Long Beach 4Recreation Golf Course 18 Long Beach 4

(David England Photography) 5001 Deukmejian Drive | Long Beach CA 90804 American Golf Big Rec Golf Course Golf Course Wedding Long Beach Golf Course wedding photographer Long Beach Golf Course Wedding Southern California Rec Park 18 Golf Course Long Beach Recreation Park 18 Golf Course Long Beach www.recpark.com https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2015/7/long-beach-recreation-park-18-golf-course Mon, 27 Jul 2015 16:59:10 GMT
A wedding at sea https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2015/5/a-wedding-at-sea Hello everyone, thanks for stopping by!  I wanted to share with you a yacht wedding I photographed a couple of weeks ago.  I had the pleasure of working with Amy and Mike who were wed at sea.  Hands down, Amy was the most thoughtful and creative bride I've ever met.  She must have spent several months planning her nautical dream.  Her cake was adorned with beautiful tiny roses and vibrant green succulents.  Mike's cuff links had the longitude and latitude of their ceremony and their wedding date on them.   There were colorful flowers for the guests to enjoy, and lots of other maritime decor.  Mr. and Mrs. Pierce were married on the Zumbrota yacht in in Marina Del Rey, an exclusive Hornblower flagship.



  Hornblower Marina Del ReyHornblower Marina Del Rey Zumbrota Yacht HornblowerZumbrota Yacht Hornblower Sunset wedding Marina Del ReySunset wedding Marina Del Rey Yacht wedding Marina Del ReyYacht wedding Marina Del Rey Hornblower Cruises and eventsHornblower Cruises and events

(David England Photography) and boat Cruises Events Hornblower Sunset wedding yacht Zumbrota https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2015/5/a-wedding-at-sea Mon, 25 May 2015 17:21:01 GMT
Getting married on a yacht? Hire an experienced yacht-wedding photographer https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2015/4/getting-married-on-a-yacht-hire-an-experienced-yacht-wedding-photographer  


        My first opportunity as a wedding photographer was with the Hornblower in 2000.  At the time, I thought I was ready. The bride was stunning; the sky was deep blue and filled with puffy clouds.  The cool air from the sea kissed my skin.  It couldn’t have been a more perfect day.  Excited to build my business, I pulled out my camera and started shooting.  After taking a few images, I looked down at my viewfinder only to discover all of my photographs were underexposed (dark).  The colors looked dull, and the sky was white.  I couldn’t figure out what it happened.  What my eyes saw, was not what my camera captured.   On the day of the wedding I realized I was way in over my head!! 

Yacht weddings are quite different from church weddings.  Because the ceremony is on a moving vessel, lighting constantly changes.  To add to this, the reflection off the water, the reflection coming from the white yacht, and the intensity of the sun tricks a camera into thinking there is too much light.  My camera made an over compensation on the photos by making them dark and dull.  That night I downloaded the photos onto my computer to see what I had taken, and I was shocked.  I spent the next three weeks trying to salvage the photos from my first wedding.  What I learned from that experience was being a photographer meant more than pushing a button on an expensive camera.  Being a photographer meant one had to know how to use their camera, and one had to learn how to master light. 

            For the brides to be who are considering a wedding at sea, yacht weddings are much shorter than other weddings.  They are usually four to five hours.  And in that time, all the formalities of a wedding must take place.  Hiring a photographer who is recommended at the venue your wedding is held is invaluable.  As a preferred vendor, I understand timelines set fourth by the venue.  I am also familiar with the layout of the yachts.  And most importantly, experience counts!  I have photographed weddings on every Hornblower yacht in Newport Beach, Marina Del Rey and Long Beach.  And I can attest, no wedding is ever the same.  The tide, time of day, and the weather (overcast days, the wind, haze) can play a pivotal role on how your images turn out.  Although I cannot control Mother Nature, I’ve learned to work with her to make the best possible images.  Be sure you do your homework by meeting with your photographer and visiting their website.  Ask to see samples of their work at the venue or yacht you’re getting married on.  Lastly, don’t ask your family member or friend to photograph your special day.  Allow them to be a guest and let them enjoy their day with you.  Your wedding day is one of the most important moments of your life.  Make sure you hire an experienced professional!    

(David England Photography) Hornblower Wedding Photographer Long Beach Hornblower Wedding Photographer Marina Del Rey Hornblower Wedding Photographer Newport Beach https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2015/4/getting-married-on-a-yacht-hire-an-experienced-yacht-wedding-photographer Fri, 17 Apr 2015 06:50:31 GMT
Why engagement sessions are important. https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2015/3/an-engagement-session-at-shoreline-village As a photographer, I get asked this question all the time.  "Do we really need an engagement session?"  Clients typically look for ways to tame their wedding budget, and many times the engagement session is one of the first things to be cut.  When I meet with a couple for the first time to discuss their wedding day, I encourage them to add an engagement session to their package.  Here's why...

  • Engagement sessions allow the couple to get to know the photographer, and vice versa.
  • It's a bonding experience for both parties.  
  • In an engagement session, a photographer can coach the couple on how to take flattering images.  And on the wedding day, posing in front of a camera will be second nature.
  • Engagement photos are like a trial run.  When clients get their images back, they can have a conversation with one another and with the photographer to discuss what they liked, what they didn't like.  This is key for the photographer. He or she can then cater the preferences of their clients on the day of the wedding.
  • Unlike weddings, engagement sessions are usually stress free.  There aren't any details the couple needs to worry about.  There is no timeline.  They aren't relying on anyone or anything.  It's an intimate moment for the couple to show how they feel for one another in front of the camera.
  • It's FUN!!! Who doesn't like to have flattering photos taken of themselves?  What would you rather have in your living room, a selfie on your wall, or a professional portrait?



Shoreline Village Engagement Session Long Beach, Ca-1Shoreline Village Engagement Session Long Beach, Ca-1
Shoreline Village Engagement Session Long Beach, Ca-2Shoreline Village Engagement Session Long Beach, Ca-2




(David England Photography) Engagement Session Long Beach Engagement Photographer Long Beach Engagement Photos Long Beach Photographer Shoreline Village https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2015/3/an-engagement-session-at-shoreline-village Sat, 28 Mar 2015 16:32:04 GMT
Contemporary Headshot https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2015/3/contemporary-head-shot I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer, who was in need of a headshot for an upcoming newsletter for her college.  Jennifer, like most young adults, was more interested in taking headshots that expressed who they are as opposed to the traditional sterile head shots of yesteryear. We met at Cesar Chavez Park near sundown in Downtown Long Beach, a hidden gym in Los Angeles County park system.  Nature and bright colors was the theme of our photo shoot.  To add a little fun to her photos, I added a few vintage style photographs to her collection.


Jen Blog 2Jen Blog 2


(David England Photography) Cesar Chavez Park Headshot Photographer Long Beach Headshot Photographer Los Angeles Linked In Photographer Long Beach Portrait Photographer Long Beach Professional headshot Long Beach https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2015/3/contemporary-head-shot Fri, 27 Mar 2015 17:33:38 GMT
A Wedding Under The Stars https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2015/3/a-wedding-under-the-stars It is quite common for brides and grooms to have their wedding during the day.  When I was asked to photograph Sam and Evangelo's wedding, I was ecstatic to capture their evening ceremony.  The Tivoli Too! in Laguna Beach provides a breathtaking backdrop for nuptials.  Tasteful uplighting, lush vegetation, and a waterfall set the mood for an enchanted evening.  Getting married under the stars breaks the mold of the standard ceremony, creating a most memorable celebration.  

Under the big top, friends and family celebrate in a luxurious temperature controlled elegantly lit behemoth of a tent.  Words can't express how grand the outdoor turned indoor space was.  












(David England Photography) Tivoli Too https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2015/3/a-wedding-under-the-stars Sat, 14 Mar 2015 05:11:25 GMT
Treasure Island Beach Laguna Beach California https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2015/3/treasure-island-beach-laguna-beach-california Have you ever wondered where to go to see a breathtaking sunset?  Treasure Island Beach is a hidden gym in Laguna Beach few know about.  I had the pleasure of photographing Samantha and Evangelo’s wedding at the Tivoli Too in Laguna Beach, which is right down the street from Treasure Island.  On their wedding day, we witnessed the most amazing backdrop.  The color of burnt amber blazed across the sky, setting the stage for a romantic evening!  

Treasure Island Beach Sunsent Wedding PhotographerTreasure Island Beach Sunsent Wedding Photographer


(David England Photography) https://www.davidenglandphotography.com/blog/2015/3/treasure-island-beach-laguna-beach-california Fri, 13 Mar 2015 17:56:25 GMT