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Combined work and living space at the Old World Village in Huntington Beach.
7561 Center Ave 15 Front viewSide7561 Center Ave 15 Exterior-27561 Center Ave 15 Exterior-3Cover7561 Center Ave 15 Exterior-4Back7561 Center Ave 15 Exterior-57561 Center Ave 15 Exterior-67561 Center Ave 15 Exterior-77561 Center Ave 15 Exterior-87561 Center Ave 15 Exterior-97561 Center Ave 15 Exterior-107561 Center Ave 15 Exterior-117561 Center Ave 15 Exterior-127561 Center Ave 15 Exterior7561 Center Ave 15 Front7561 Center Ave 15 Interior-27561 Center Ave 15 Interior-37561 Center Ave 15 Interior-4

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